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Declutter your space – Free Donation Pickup Service

Declutter your space, help the community, and protect the environment – all at no additional cost!

How It Works: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Schedule Your Cleaning
Book your regular cleaning service and let us know if you’d like to include donation pickup.

Step 2: Pre-Sort Your Items
Follow our simple guidelines to sort your items before we arrive. Check our sorting tips and accepted items list below.

Step 3: We Pick Up
We’ll collect your pre-sorted items on the day of your cleaning and handle the delivery to our charity partners.

Step 4: Feel Great
Enjoy your cleaner space, knowing you’ve made a difference!

Accepted Items and Sorting Guidelines
What to Donate:
Clothes, electronics, books, and small appliances.
Condition of Items: Items should be in good condition, clean, and ready for reuse.
How to Sort: Use printable labels or tags to organize items by category (if possible).

Benefits of Participating

  • Convenience: Save time! We handle everything, so you don’t have to!
  • Community Impact: Your donations support local families and reduce waste.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Promote sustainability by giving your items a second life.

Partner Charities

About Our Partners: We have partnered with Goodwill to help declutter your space!

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